The Enlightened View

Ready for an alternative to the modern day B.S. that has you stressing out and working harder than ever for less joy?  Want to make positive changes in your life through expanding your awareness? Want a fast and fun way to see every moment through an Enlightened View?  This is it!

Our new radio talk show The Enlightened View, where we'll live in the flow of vibrant health, peace of mind, and an open heart. Join us each week as we share our most potent tips and techniques for living your life of maximum benefit through minimal effort.  Step into the field where laughter, love, passion and prosperity are your daily companions.  We’ll be your dynamic and enthusiastic guides, assisting you to tap into your most loving, creative, high vibrational Self.  This amazing life-class will be led by the talented and inspiring Michelle Dwyer, Rebecca Grado, Jill Lebeau, and Betty Pegues. Tune in each week and tap into your own array of Divine gifts and talents as we support one another to transform our dreams into reality.  When you discover how to harmonize your energy with the universal energy, the results are amazing--doors open, opportunities arise, and life feels truly magical! 

Starting February 12th, join us each week for The Enlightened View via Blog Talk Radio here every Wednesday at 12:00 PST or catch the recording later!  

With me on The Enlightened View will be: 

Michelle Dwyer, MS is a holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant who loves to help people feel a greater sense of wellness, vibrancy, and energy. Her compassionate approach means looking at all aspects of health—body, mind and spirit. Her areas of specialty include plant-based eating plans, food allergies/sensitivities, healthy weight loss, hormone balance and lifestyle management.  

Jill Lebeau, MFT is a spiritual psychotherapist and co-author of the ground-breaking book,  Feng Shui Your Mind – Four Easy Steps To Rapidly Transform Your Life!  Known as the “Queen of Ease and Effortlessness” – through thirty years of private practice, Jill has honed her gift for guiding people to live their dreams. She is thrilled to offer a phenomenal alternative to feeling trapped in the grind of daily life, working harder than ever with little reward.  Stay tuned to learn about maximum benefit through minimal effort!

Betty Pegues is a professional Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Coach. Using her intuitive gifts and working with the Guides and Angels, she assists people in finding solutions to their life challenges and helps breakdown the walls blocking their true potential, while honoring their sacred journey. She is the creator of one of the largest Psychic and Holistic Fairs in Salt Lake City, called SoulWorks, and the producer of the Enlightened View.