The Power of Self-Love 6 Week Coaching Program

6-week_self-loveMost women want to know how to create their lives with ease and effortlessness. We are all trying to create more space and time for ourselves, have more fun, and experience more freedom. The problem is that most of us have such full lives and we don't have time to give to ourselves because of the demands of our families, friends, and work. Christy and Rebecca will teach you how to have more fun and balance in your life by applying the Universal laws and using three simple tools. You don't even realize it, but the one key ingredient in creating all that you desire with ease and effortlessness is through Self-Love. But how do you create Self-Love? I mean if you never played golf before and you had to go out on the golf course and play, where do you start? You probably would need a coach or a teacher to show you how.

Christy and Rebecca are the perfect teachers that can show you how to start applying Self-Love in your life right now. Christy and Rebecca are the authors of The Fairest One of All which teaches women to return back to their essential Goddess Self. Both of them are Certified Light Body Instructors and have been involved in their own meditative practices for years. Christy is a Law of Attraction Coach and Rebecca is a licensed and family therapist. Both of them have helped hundreds of women to return to Self-Love and experience the amazing power within.


Everyday Enlightenment Audio Series

Everyday_EnlightenmentIn this four week program you'll discover the secrets to flourishing in life, independent of all external circumstances. Throughout life we often encounter challenges, instability, uncertainty, and loss. However, we can maintain a high vibrational state of joy, enthusiasm, and hopefulness, no matter what life throws our way.

When you maintain your connection to the four essential powers illuminated in this program, you will have the tools necessary for navigating through change and uncertainty with absolute ease and grace. Through the supreme powers of perception, faith, gratitude and enthusiasm you position yourself to embrace life fully—to realize that contained within all experiences are gifts and opportunities for your greater growth and expansion.

Once you know how to apply these powers to everyday circumstances, you have everything you need to venture out in the world and claim all the good that awaits you.

Rebecca and Jill are the perfect guides to show you how to create a magical and extraordinary life. As leaders in consciousness, they masterfully illuminate the path to effortless success and everyday enlightenment.


Feng Shui Your Relationships: Living in the Flow of Love and Abundance


If you are ready to infuse your life with both soulful love and outrageous abundance, this class is for you! In this six week program you will learn the fundamental tools necessary to instantly bring harmony and flow into all of your relationships.

As you learn the secrets to soulful partnerships, you'll naturally begin to see your prosperity soar. When your relationships are in harmony, you feel alive, inspired, and invigorated. It's from these high vibrations that you become a master at attracting effortless abundance – doors fly open, opportunities arise out of nowhere, and life feels truly magical. Through simple but powerful practices, you'll have the keys that unlock all doors—juicy, passionate relationships, deeper peace than you've ever known & the power to create your wildest dreams!

In this course you'll discover: The essential strategies Jill and Rebecca use with couples in their individual practices—powerful tools and techniques that rapidly shift relationships from conflict to connection, and struggle to joy. The time proven principles of Feng Shui, and how to apply them to your relationships through practices like decluttering, positioning, and tapping into the power of the five elements of Chinese medicine. Three simple but powerful shifts in perception -- that when applied, not just to your relationships, but applied to life itself—shift everything!  With over fifty years combined experience, Rebecca and Jill are the perfect guides to show you how to easily transform your relationships into extraordinary and enlightened partnerships.

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